The Thunderstorm Seascape Painting on Canvas

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The Thunderstorm Seascape is a textured painting using acrylics and caulking on an 18x24x3/4 stretched canvas. This mesmerizing painting made by Joseph Cantin is both beautiful as well as fierce. The painting was created on August 20, 2018 during the hurricane season on the Emerald Coast, Florida. Intense storms visit the Florida coast every year. This natural phenomenon intrigued and inspired the painter, Joseph Cantin, to recreate what he witnessed.

As humans, we are always in awe and at the mercy of Mother Nature. Hurricanes and cyclones tell us about the power of Mother Nature and how minuscule we really are. The painting beautifully highlights this thought process. The strokes of the brush on the clouds showcasing the fierceness of the cloud ushering the hurricane are impeccable. The caulking used here gives flexibility to the stretched canvas that makes the painting as good as real. The dense clouds hovering over the sea, casting its shadow on it has been portrayed to perfection by Joseph Cantin. One could simply stare at the magnificence and perfection of this painting. It reminds us that we should be mindful of Mother Nature and grateful to her for the beautiful fruits she bears for us. Else, this is the magnitude of fury that she can bring about.

This phenomenon further makes us think about climate change and natural disasters that are occurring due to it. The number of hurricanes has dramatically increased since climate change became more prominent. Climate change has occurred due to global warming. The emission of CFCs from electronics such as refrigerators and air conditioners harm the environment. In the age of progressing science and technology, we must also be cognizant of the progress we are effectively making. The progress that is not holistic ends up causing long term damage.

We must switch over to sustainable options so that our environment is not impacted and we can preserve Mother Earth for future generations. We must also stand by each other in times of calamities to help each other out from tough situations. The world has come together in terms of communication due to the advent of the Internet. The world also needs to come together for similar causes and join hands unitedly to combat and find solutions to problems made by man. Let us put our best put forward to keep it healthy and happy.

If you feel strongly about Climate Change, you can volunteer or donate to the following organizations working tirelessly and earnestly to foster betterment.