The Sea Turtle: Majestic Creature Swimming with Coral Oil Painting on Canvas

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Joseph Cantin has perfectly captured the grace of the sea turtle with his brush strokes. The bold and robust use of colors upholds the beauty of marine life and entices us with its magnificence. The hauntingly beautiful, yet powerful, painting forces us to think about the repercussions of human actions. Joseph Cantin tries to show us how the beauty of nature appears when unharmed. The painting is inspiring in itself with an array of vibrant hues capturing the gorgeous appeal of the corals and the sea turtle swimming amidst it.

Drawing from life requires an unimaginable level of excellence, and Joseph Cantin has been able to do so with his exceptional artistic potential. The painting brings to life the environment that exists underwater. And on closer observation, we can experience a difference in color, something that is entirely different from what we would witness above the surface. His interpretations of color, light, and composition enable us to discover a world beneath the horizon.

Joseph Cantin’s painting brings the mysterious, magical, and remarkable beauty of aquatic wildlife to life. We can’t overlook the fragile beauty and the grace of the sea turtle.

There is a horrifying reality behind this gorgeous piece of art. What’s the first thought that clouds your mind, when you see this vibrant painting of a magnificent creature swimming in its natural habitat? Now, imagine the marine world without its presence, for that is what we are proceeding towards. Sea turtles have called the sea their home for 110 million years. They have shared planet Earth with the dinosaurs, and today, they face the threat of extinction for human actions.

Though the sea turtles have won several battles against natural predators and all that they have in store, they are losing the war that humans have raged. Be it entrapment in marine debris, commercial fisheries catching them, poaching or harvesting for eggs and meat, and beach habitat destruction – we are responsible behind it all. It is now more than ever that each one of us speaks up for these spectacular creatures that transform the beauty of our marine world.

How do you think the picture would look without the sea turtle in it? The mere thought of losing another precious sea member is nerve-racking. We have been dropping the ball when it comes to saving the ancient mariners for more than two centuries; now is the time to act.

There are several concerned conservationists who are fighting tooth and nail to ensure these sea turtles continue to call the ocean their home, but they can’t do this alone. Let’s all come together and commit to the act of stopping the decline of this picturesque species.

If you want your voice to be heard when it comes to saving sea turtles, then make your actions count. There are a number of organizations that are committed to protecting this amazing sea creature. One such organization is the Environmental Justice Foundation and another is Seacology. Please visit these sites and see how you can get involved.


  • Painting Size: 30″x40″x1/4″
  • Painting Medium: Oil paint on canvas


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