The Boat & Mother Nature’s Wrath, Painting on Canvas

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This is an original painting on canvas by Jessica Trout depicting one of the Emerald Coast’s harbored boats after a tropical storm. The painting shows a deserted white boat along the Emerald Coast beneath a dull and cloudy sky. It seems to narrate a story. It says there had been a fierce thunderstorm just a while ago. The boat, which had been sailing amidst the sea, got carried away with the mighty waves and winds. They left the boat at the shore, failed it by not letting it pursue its journey. The boat is now safely anchored at the harbor along the coast. The sailors are long gone. The boat is now left with nothing other than utter despair.

The setting of the painting is gloomy. Jessica trout may have been going through a challenging time while she painted it. She beautifully managed to express herself using high-quality acrylics on this canvas. The sailors are all awaiting the sunshine, desperate to sail. The blues, whites and grays make the atmosphere doomed. The art piece has an intuitive feeling attached to it. They compel the viewer to think deeply, to think about those difficult times. The sailors, if any, who were on the boat, were fortunate enough to survive the thunderstorm.

Storms, floods, and hurricanes – these have haunted the fishermen and their allies for centuries. Their living is disrupted. The lives of these coastal men are so deranged. They are the ones to be credited for the delicious fish, clams, shrimps, and crabs that we devour for dinner. These poor coastal people are the worst hit during a natural disaster. It is our duty to provide them with necessities during natural calamities. They are like our own brothers and sisters. It is through government relief funds and other donations that we can reach out and help them in a way. We have made a humble effort to mention a website that you may visit in order to help poor primary workers during natural calamities. Show some care and love to our fishermen brothers and their families, in the name of the fraternity by donating to the Red Cross.

Another point to take note of is that mankind has played a major role in intensifying hurricanes. We are making natural disasters even more destructive. Climate change is real, as we all know. Also, we know that human activities are responsible for that. Industrial emissions, automobiles and chemical wastes are all culprits of this Global warming threat. The changes in temperatures across various regions have led to the development of more and more hurricanes. Deforestation and urbanization have led to devastating floods. Ill planned topography of a city further adds to it. Climatic change has been a hot topic for discussion for quite a long time now. And why not, as it has been seen to be the cause of innumerable Ill-effects that we get to see around.

The links below are a few web pages that you wish to consider visiting to raise your awareness.