The Beautiful and Remarkable Glow in the Dark Box Jellyfish

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This is a cluster of Box Jellyfish painted on a 12x16x3/4 canvas using fluorescent and glow acrylic paints. Paintings such as this intrigue the mind and make it wonder. We continually try to guess the reason and inspiration behind paintings such as this. Jessica Trout has painted this splendid piece after a visit to an aquarium in the Smoky Mountains. She had taken a photo of this shot and later gone on to bring it alive in a painting made with 12 layers of acrylic paint. To add an unmissable glow to the painting, she used fluorescent and glow acrylics so that when the lights are turned out, you can see the painting glow in the dark. In the dark, the painting brings about an illuminated effect creating a glimmering aura. The painting was created by Jessica trout on November 5, 2019.

The rawness of marine creatures such as jellyfish is impeccably highlighted here. The sheer beauty of these creatures makes up the exotic marine ecosystem. The different shades of blue remind us of the expansive seas and the light at the corner, penetrating the waters, creates a shimmering aura. You cannot miss the intricate details drawn to depict the tentacles of the jellyfish. One can only imagine how luminous this painting would look in the dark. The layering of acrylic on canvas has created depth in the picture and has brought to focus the jellyfish, which is the main subject of the painting. The depiction of light and color in this painting let’s us experience the mystical and remarkable beauty of aquatic life.

This painting shows how a jellyfish should ideally be in its habitat. Now, imagine the condition of the seas and oceans today. It is full of plastic waste and harmful chemicals among other things. So many sea creatures choke on the debris in the ocean mistaking it for food. Humans are responsible for this degradation of the oceans and should be ashamed of the harm that we have caused to these marine creatures. Excessive use of plastic and the fact that it cannot be easily recycled is why marine waters are getting polluted every day. Industries release harmful chemicals from their factories, and all of it leads to the oceans and seas. If we do not correct this course, Mother Nature will show her wrath and all humans will then be rendered helpless. We need to become more sensitive towards our environment every step of the way. It is up to us to protect the planet and look after the well-being of it.

Sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to plastics are absolutely essential. Governments and organizations should invest their resources for the development and distribution of such material. They must make sure that people realize the importance of this much-needed change. Similarly, industries need to develop processes that manage their waste in a way that does not adversely impact the seas. Some organizations and individuals are committed to protecting marine life. Please consider volunteering or donating for the cause at the following: