The Splendor Of Autumns Brought To Life Painting on Canvas

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This is an original painting depicting Autumn in the Smoky Mountains on a 12x16x3/4 stretched canvas using acrylic paint. Artist Joseph Cantin has created this piece of artwork by applying six layers of high-quality acrylic paint to canvas. In the painting, the landscape is the view from the deck of the painter’s cabin atop a mountain peak when he was on vacation to the Smoky Mountains. The autumn trees are an absolute delight to watch because of the various changes of colors in their leaves. Tourists from all over the world visit the Smoky Mountains every year to marvel at this splendid phenomenon.

The painting is so perfect that you might mistake it for a photograph. The different shades of autumn colors on the leaves with contrasting black barks of the trees is a real treat to the eyes. The intricate detailing to bring out the true essence of the forest’s beauty during the autumn season is unmatchable. The painting instills a sense of calm and makes one feel closer to Nature. We stay in awe of Nature’s beauty and its natural processes of change over the years. The rich flora and fauna that make up our environment are invaluable.

For anyone that has ever experienced the changing colors of the leaves in Autumn, they will connect with the beginning signs of Autumn in this painting. Most people are in awe of the wonderful changes in colors during Autumn. However, it is the people that live among these changes that can notice the beautiful subtle changes that commence as we enter into the Fall. What will become beautiful shades of gold, amber and other reach eart tones, start out as very subtle shades of colors.

It is via the artist’s eye that we can see the beginning signs that fall is almost upon us. We can see in this beautiful painting very subtle tinges of maroons and oranges. We can see the deep greens starting to turn light green and shades of brown. We can also see the sunlight begin to stream through the trees for the first time in months as leaves have begun to fall and allow the sun’s rays of light to pour through the forest and once again heat the ground below it.

Alas, so many beautiful scenes like this are starting to become extinct. Our forests are getting destroyed every day due to reckless felling of trees to burning forest lands for industrial and housing projects. Climate changes and resulting natural calamities are also on the rise claiming the lives of people around the world. This painting is a reminder that we need to bring an immediate change in the way we are dealing with Nature. The complacency has to stop as the wrath of Mother Nature is indeed unfathomable. The human race can be rendered helpless in the hands of Nature.

We must employ ways to ensure that we protect our forests and Nature as a whole. We can never replace the abundance that Nature blesses us with. We need to develop technology and come up with substitutes that will not require the felling of trees. If a project requires cutting trees, an equivalent number of trees must first be planted. Such regulations should strictly be in place to correct the damages and prevent future environmental issues.

Environmentalists, conservationists, and organizations across the globe are fighting for this cause overcoming many battles. We must support them in their work as it will benefit all of us in the long run. You can donate or volunteer for the cause with the following organizations: