The Sparkling Mountain Spring Painting on Canvas

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This is an original painting showing the artist’s vision of multiple fresh water springs pouring into a mountain pool. Joseph Cantin painted this using high quality acrylics on a 18x24x3/4 canvas. Holidays and mountain trips are fun. They also incorporate wisdom and clarity into us as they take us higher above into the clouds, by land. To paint on the mountains is to further satisfy the weary soul. One needs a lot of creativity and insights to be able to appreciate such scenic beauty of mountains and springs.

In this mesmerizing painting created by Joseph Cantin on September 15, 2018, we see little streams of water making their way from above downwards into the mountain spring. The pool of water harbors the purest of the water. The streams carefully carve their way down the rocks and moss. They shine like crystals as the Sun pours its divine light upon them. The divine rays of the sun seem to bless the mountain. How fortunate Joseph Cantin was to envision such a beautiful sight. Nature indeed never ceases to amaze and stupefy us. It always has something marvelous hidden for us.

Canting took this great opportunity to illustrate the marvel of mountain springs using his high-quality acrylics on the canvas. He has been able to appreciate the natural wonders of our planet. Just by looking at the painting, one starts to hear the sound of the water streaming downwards. Just as the streams coalesce to form the mighty pool of water, our habits and actions together make us who and what we are.

Human activities have a natural tendency to infest and destroy beautiful things in nature. So is the case with these mountain springs. The springs are the main water source for life in the mountains for human beings and animals. Imagine having to live without water. This is unfortunately the case for some mountain regions across the world. Activities like deforestation and rapid groundwater table depletion are leading to drying up of these life-giving springs. Springs are nothing but the seepage of groundwater onto the surface to create a pool.

Deforestation tends to deplete the water table beneath the ground as trees hold a lot of water inside the ground by their roots. So, uprooting or cutting away the green lushes will loosen up all the water and will lead to drying up of the spring. Another way by which the water table is being depleted is by wasting water. As the water supply to houses on mountains is derived from these springs, wasting water shall lead to them drying off. Now the rest of the wildlife in these mountains are left with nothing to survive on. This is just a single example of the extent of human greed and selfishness.

Many non-profit organizations across the world host ‘save water’ campaigns to help protect water bodies such as mountain springs. Water is a basic necessity of life. Our survival is questionable without it. Below, you will find two links to articles written about water conservation.