Soft Seascape Sunset Painting on Canvas

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The subtleness and softness of this painting instills a sense of calm at first glimpse. The painting is about one of the most important creations of Nature – the seas and the oceans and how it appears during the sunset. The sun, however, has not been shown in the painting but seems to be omnipresent due to the apt choice of colors. The painting blurs the horizon yet has been able to create a distinction between the sky and sea. The blurring horizon has added vastness to this painting and highlighted the omniscience of Mother Nature. Any home displaying this piece of art would be accentuated gracefully.

A stunning sunset seascape has been brought to life in this painting. The strokes highlighting the shades of sunset in the sky are truly mesmerizing. The reflection of the sky has then been flawlessly replicated on the waters of the blue ocean. The painting is as light and crisp as pastels. The rush strokes that bring out the soft waves and a calm sky are genuinely impeccable.
What is particularly special about this painting is that it has been crated live in Destin, Florida on February 4th, 2020. It has been made on a stretched canvas using acrylic paints. The quiet seascape sunset painting is different from Cantin’s usual highly detailed paintings. He himself considers this painting to be an abstract one.

While one revels at the beauty of the calm seas, the mind also realizes its importance. However, the question that often triggers is if the seas are being treated with the dignity they are supposed to receive. From sewage water to industrial wastes, seas and oceans have become dumping grounds all over the world. It is not only degrading the water quality but also endangering the lives of millions of aquatic species.

It is high time that one realizes the importance of marine ecosystems and how it contributes towards the balance that is required for sustenance. A lot of developments in different spheres of life are being reported every day. But now is the time for emphasis on conscious and sustainable living. Every process should be designed and developed in a way that it does not harm the environment or aims to reverse the degradation already caused. To ensure a safe future for our upcoming generations, today’s generation must stand up for this important cause.

Often, it becomes challenging to find the starting point to work towards such a cause on an individual level. An easy solution to this problem is to help out those who are already working towards a cause. Individual contributions, even when very small, can these institutions to move ahead with confidence towards their goal. Some of the institutions that you can contribute to are: