Seashell on a Sunset Beach Painting on Canvas

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One glance at the painting is enough for someone to get hooked on it. The soft, gushing waves from the beautiful oceans are simply mesmerizing. The interplay of the sunset colors in the sky and the sea, has been portrayed in the painting splendidly. The seashell is the main subject of the painting, which has also been drenched with the colors of the sunset. The seashell is a representation of the beauty of Nature’s creations. The luminous sun at the horizon, forming a myriad of colors both in the skies and waters, is spellbinding.

The contrast of varying shades of red and blue make it very pleasing to the eyes. Nature’s creations are so perfect that humans can never replicate it even with a lot of effort. As humans, we just revel in this beauty and must acknowledge the magnanimity of Mother Nature. Her powers are above and beyond all human capabilities. It is our duty to take care of Mother Nature and all her creations.

Jessica Trout lived near some mesmerizing beaches in the United States, and the beach life acted as a major inspiration to her. She was in complete awe of the glorious display of colors at sunset while the seashells reminded her of spectacular Mother Nature. This passion shines through in this blissful painting.

This painting was made on a 12x16x3/4 stretched canvas using acrylic colors. It acts as a reminder of the existence and preciousness of Nature’s creations. It challenges us to think about how we have been treating Nature. Pollution levels are increasing, and global temperatures are soaring. The number of natural calamities occurring has also multiplied. If we wish to live peacefully in a sustainable environment, many changes need to be brought about in the way we operate on a daily basis.

A vast number of aspects need to be addressed, varying from various industrial processes to lack of awareness, which leads us to pollute the environment. By polluting the environment, we are not only destroying our habitat but also the natural habitats of various species. For example, the marine ecosystem is bearing the brunt of water and plastic pollution. Industries are releasing harmful chemicals in the seas while plastic wastes are also getting dumped here. Thousands of animals are dying daily due to this toxicity, and it is high time that strong actions are taken to prevent this. Governments and organizations must join hands to devise processes that will not destroy the precious waters. On the other hand, stringent measures and penalties must also be imposed on violators.

Changes towards this cause can be started from an individual level itself. Be aware of how your own actions are impacting your surroundings adversely. Also, switch to the use of sustainable material that does not pollute the environment. Many individuals and organizations are dedicated to overall environment conservation and the marine ecosystem with conservation in particular. Here are two organizations you can volunteer with or donate to: