Patience Lion and Cub Painting on Canvas

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This painting was created by artist Joseph Cantin on December 3, 2019 on a 30x40x1 ½ gallery wrapped canvas with oils. Joseph had a friend snap a picture at a local Florida zoo of a scene that most people will not see in the wild. The male lion usually kills the cubs to protect their territory. So to see this interaction is only seen in captivity.

This brilliant painting effortlessly gives us an intimate look into nature’s creations. The depiction of a father lion and his cub is full of intricate details highlighting the beauty of the painting. Oil paints are used to create this life-like portrayal of these majestic animals. You can almost hear the lion’s roar and feel the childlike softness of the little club. Its exquisiteness is further highlighted through the perfect strokes that make the mane of the lion as well as the gentle skin of the cub. The background of the painting follows the same color scheme as that of the lions but still manages to bring major focus on the lion and the cub.

The cub here probably wants the father lion to play with it. The lion, on the other hand, probably does not want to, but is being patient. One can relate this painting to the patience that a father has with his child. It is really amazing how we, as humans, can relate to the emotions of animals. The lion is known to be a fierce animal but he is being patient and loving towards its little one.

It is up to us to ensure a safe and secure environment for all these wild animals. The captivity of animals in zoos for human entertainment has been an age-old practice. However, as responsible and empathetic human beings, we must understand the injustice and atrocity of this practice. These animals are locked up in a small place when they actually could have roamed around in vast forests. It has an immense impact on the animals’ mental state as well. It is often seen that they stop eating in such a confined environment and die. We simply cannot do this to other animals for our own entertainment. Rather, national parks and sanctuaries must be encouraged instead of zoos so that the animals can stay in their natural habitat while humans visit such places to see them. Strict measures must also be taken so that these natural habitats are not polluted due to these visits. Getting a glimpse of animals excites all of us but we should only do it responsibly.

Nature parks and sanctuaries are putting in relentless effort to ensure the conservation of the animals’ natural habitats. Many institutions are also working towards the protection of wildlife. To support them in achieving their goals, you can donate to the following organizations listed below: