The Moment of Death, Christian Art Painting on Canvas

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The Moment of Death, Christian Art Painting is an original 24x30x1.5 creation on canvas using 7 layers of high-quality acrylics. Artist Joseph Cantin has created a painting based upon a dream about the time of his death. In an unfortunate event, Joseph Cantin lost one of his family members. It shook him from the inside. The incident sparked a light of curiosity in his mind. He began to imagine in his dreams what happens at the moment of death. He imagined God lending his divine hand to his outstretched hand and he ascended to heaven.

After awakening, Joseph decided to paint what he saw on canvas using his high quality pigmented acrylics. The possible conversations between God and the family member began to seed in his mind, as he went on painting them. One must harbor a lot of creativity in order to be able to produce such visions of an event so holy.

The piece of art depicts an aura of divine light. A beautiful hand projects from the sky downwards and offers to take the deceased to heaven. The hand below tries to reach the hand above that emerged through the sky. Little does the deceased know about what heaven has for him. It is time to leave the Earth. It is time to leave the body and let it sink into the Earth. He visualizes a few flashes of his life on Earth. It’s time to leave the loved ones. It’s time to bless them, for God has decided that his life comes to a halt here.

Death is inevitable for all of us. What we imagine will take place and what really happens is only something that we encounter at the time of our death. Christians imagine the kingdom of heaven and the most beautiful life after this life on Earth. Seeing God’s outstretched hand and fingers waiting to touch our hand and fingers as we ascend to Heaven after our passing is beautiful image of what many Christians imagine.

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