Mirror Lake Sunset Painting on Canvas

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This painting was created by artist Joseph Cantin May 22nd, 2018 on an 11x14x3/4 stretched canvas with acrylic paint at Eastern Lake in Watercolor, Florida. It is an abstract painting that depicts the reflection of clouds on the lake at sunset. Here, the sun is seen at the horizon just before it sets completely. The picturesque view of sunset has warmth about it that is portrayed impeccably in this painting.

The apt use of colors to bring out the hues of a sunset speaks volumes about the beauty of the painting. Further, the perfect brush strokes to highlight the clouds and the shimmering waters of the lake are flawlessly portrayed. The heightened sense of color, composition and light of this painting enable us to experience the portrayal of this splendid phenomenon of Nature.

A special highlight of this painting is the beautiful, soft clouds that span across the sunset sky. The way the sunset colors have spread out on the clouds brings out the remarkable exquisiteness of Nature. One can keep looking at the painting and enjoy a sense of calming pleasure. It feels as though the sun is uniting the sky and water with its splendor. The mirroring effect is illustrated in the painting with the utmost brilliance. The skies and the waters appear to be alike, but its distinction is also portrayed with subtlety and perfection.

Looking at this peaceful picture of a regular natural phenomenon, we think, how effortlessly Nature creates magnificence. Every sunset is unique, and this painting is a representation of one of such sunsets. The painting shows a quiet and undisturbed scene in the lap of Nature. We are compelled to ask ourselves, are we respecting this benevolence and brilliance of Nature?

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