Gracious Pink Blossoms Painting on Canvas

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This is an original painting of a pink rose on a 14x18x3/4 canvas done in high quality oils. In this beautiful piece of art, artist Joseph Cantin has painted a vibrant pink rose. Cantin was inspired by a picture of a rose sent to him by by one of his followers. Receiving photographs to use as inspiration is a common practice by Cantin’s followers. In fact Joseph encourages fans and followers to submit their favorite photographs. He loves to hear from his followers and fans and take suggestions and ideas from them.

The painting, created on December 16, 2019, portrays a lively pink rose blooming into the world. It seems to be waiting for people to stop by and adore its beauty. The journey from a tiny bud to this fully bloomed flower must have been wonderful. How fulfilling is this sight for the Sun, the clouds, the rains, and the earth as they see the outcome of their interplay. The pink rose is their merry child. Henceforth, it makes sense that the rose rightfully signifies love and affection.

The flowers and leaves around are in awe, welcoming this new member into their community. It is no doubt that every flower that has ever blossomed is jealous of the beauty the pink rose displays. The pink rose is a whole new taste for bees and an adorable sight for the passers-by. You can almost smell the sweet fragrance of the pink rose. Joseph Cantin’s wonderful oils left a heart touching impact upon the canvas. It is for his fans to notice that he highly encourages them to send their own photos. Leave the rest to him as he brings the photos to life again.

Lovers continue to haunt the sun, the rains, and the earth as they threaten to take away their child from them. Nature has granted thorns to the stalk of the rose to protect it from these nasty people. But they are stubborn. They shall mercilessly pluck it away, to make their Valentine smile with joy. Thus, another rose gets withered in the name of love and affection.

After getting acquainted with the scent and the beauty of the rose, it is quite disturbing to conjure the possibility of pursuing life on Earth without these roses. Deforestation has been troubling nature since human beings have started expanding. The Amazon rainforest, for example, has been rapidly degrading due to expansion and exploitation by man. In the name of development, we are destroying the lungs of the earth. This has to stop; we are not the only ones to have the right over this planet.

Here we have listed a few web pages that may be of interest. These are all related to the conservation of forests and contributions and thoughts regarding the same. Conservation and sustainable development have become the need of the hour. We must take a look at every step we take towards expansion. We must go with nature and not against it.