Golden Stream Landscape Painting on Canvas

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The Golden Stream Landscape is an original painting on an 11×14 canvas board using acrylic paints by artist Joseph Cantin. The fall has a unique charm and aura that one does not find during any other season. The fall signifies renewal. The painting here impeccably highlights the essence of the fall. The ochre background of the painting sets the mood of the fall while the trees add to the ambiance. The sparkling water reinforcing the color of the skies, further accentuates the beauty of the painting.

The true excellence comes across in the way the rays of the sun have been depicted, which has found its way through the trees. The love for the fall has resulted here in this painting. The painting is so life-like that one can hear the trickling waters once one closes one’s eyes. One could not imagine a place more relaxing during the fall.

One feels the tranquility of Nature through this painting. The golden stream shines through and becomes the main subject of the painting. It reminds us of the unperturbed manner in which Nature functions. It has its own way of working, and we can only be in awe of its all-encompassing ability.

Humans are minuscule and can only live their best lives in co-operation with Nature. Fall will come, and so will spring. Our lives are tightly wrapped around these changes of Nature and enjoying every bit of it will make our lives truly fruitful. The bridge here is a representation of a human-made structure. It signifies that we can humbly be a part of Nature’s process and not try to alter it even a little. The painting is such that you can stare at it for long. It leaves a lasting impression on the memory.

Such relaxing pictures cradled in the calmness of Nature makes one yearn to experience it first-hand. But, are we conserving our forests properly to enjoy its enthralling beauty? Incessant felling of trees and polluting forests with garbage is destroying these precious forests. Nature is bearing the brunt of increasing human needs. To meet such needs, alternatives should be developed that will not harm Nature but at the same time, serve our purposes.

We must take the initiative and invest in such research for the overall protection of the environment. Strict action must be taken against those who litter the forest. Incessant felling of trees is also leading to climate change that is already having a ravaging impact on the planet. As a race, it is our sole duty to protect the only planet we have with all our might. Efforts to realize such changes must be strengthened at the earliest so that we can preserve our environment.

If you feel strongly for the cause and want to contribute towards it, start by conserving the little pieces of land in and around your house. Further, you could donate or volunteer with the following organizations that are working hard to preserve our forests.