Finding Love Sea Turtles Painting on Canvas

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The painting takes us effortlessly into the depths of the seas and makes us think of Nature’s beautiful creations. The main subjects – the sea-turtles, are celebrated in this painting with the utmost precision and beauty. The softness in the sea turtles’ eyes makes us think of the dear love we feel for our close ones. The sea turtles here depict a sort of affection relatable to human beings.

The color scheme of the painting instills a feeling of instant calm and relaxation. At the same time, the affection portrayed in the painting makes us feel warm. Such is the beautiful effect of this painting on our minds. If you have a beach home décor, then this painting will perfectly fit into it. The shells of the turtles have a sea foam green color that matches well with most interior designs. The painting’s brilliance shines through in the intricate detailing of the sea turtles and how it has splendidly been able to connect with the audience through the depiction of the love between two sea turtles.

Artist Joseph Cantin vividly expresses his love for animals in this painting. The painting was done on April 1st, 2019 on a 24x36x1½ gallery wrapped canvas using acrylic colors. The painter intended to keep the painting abstract and crisp. He hopes that this painting will inspire to work towards the protection of such endangered species. This is an excellent thought by an artist who intends to invoke such essential ideas in his audience’s minds.

As humans, we must realize the importance of maintaining a balance in the ecosystem. Every species has its own part to play, and it is our responsibility to maintain a safe environment for their survival. Marine ecosystems are being destroyed worldwide due to different human activities pushing various species to the brink of extinction. Plastic pollution is a primary reason due to which our seas and oceans are getting adversely affected.

The uncontrollable use of plastics all over the world needs to be corrected at the earliest. Alternatives to plastics are being worked upon, but its extensive use needs to be implemented soon to protect marine life from the harmful impacts of plastics. Most plastics do not degrade quickly even over the years, making it one of the most lethal causes of destruction of the marine ecosystems. Every now and then, we come across reports of different sea animals dying because they are choking on plastics. Governments around the world must make their people aware of the cause and implement corrective measures.

To work towards such an important cause, you can start by educating yourself more about this cause and advocate about its significance to all those you know. Such sincere actions will go a long way in bringing about the much-needed change. Start cutting down the use of plastics and invest in eco-friendly materials. You can also donate to the following organizations that are already working towards reducing plastic pollution at: