A Perfect Day Sailing Painting on Canvas

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This painting shows a sailboat sailing on calm waters. It is an 11x14x3/4 stretched canvas painting by artist Joseph Cantin using oils. Joseph painted this in his studio and was filmed as he created it. The video can be viewed on youtube. The painting was originally done using acrylic paints and was recently remastered with oils. With a total of nine coats of paint, the pigment is extremally vibrant.

The pinkish-blue sky is simply exquisite in this painting. The sun subtly plays a crucial role in this scene because it contributes to the interplay of the gorgeous colors in the painting. The shadow of the boat in the center is a stark contrast here which enhances the soft colors around it. The reflection of the pink skies on the waters is absolutely flawless.

Looking at the painting, one feels like taking a day off and going sailing for the day either alone or with friends and family. The painting fills us with a feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation. It reminds us of the much-needed breaks amidst a very busy life. It immediately brings us to the feeling of glee when we are cradled in Nature and its beautiful creations. A painting such as this can effortlessly uplift your spirits and instill peace in one’s mind.

The view here is simple with a boat sailing on calm waters. But it is this uncomplicatedness that wins hearts. The interplay of light and shade portrayed in this painting is also a thing of beauty. The bright yellow sky transcending into the pink and blue shades is a real treat to the eyes. The horizon here is fascinating too, as it acts completely like a mirror in the painting, while it creates a blurry distinction.

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