Original Works of Art

All of the paintings you see in this portfolio have found loving homes. If you are inspired or fall in love with a painting that you see here, don’t hesitate to contact us to create a custom work of art that fits your request. To see all of the original artwork that is still available, click here.

Joseph Cantin paints each one of his masterpieces with a piece of his heart included. Joseph adds each brush stroke with a vision of how how the final version of his painting will appear. And he asks himself, “what kind of frame will the owner choose or what room will my painting accent? How many hours will someone study my art? Will this be passed down from generation to generation?”

When Joseph paints, he wants to leave a lasting impression. A impression that brings joy to the eyes and heart. He wants his art to make a numbing room feel relaxing and enjoyable.

The goal is to captivate the audience. Having them get lost in observing the talent behind the brush. Wanting them to feel the emotion and dedication of time and passion invested into this art that could last many lifetimes.

If you want to know the artist …. study the art.

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