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Beach & Ocean Sunset Painting on Museum Quality Matte Paper and Black Wood Frame

Paintings as Environmental Commentary, Joseph Cantin and SunscapesArt

Paintings as Environmental Commentary, Joseph Cantin and SunscapesArt Drawing inspiration from the elements of nature, Joseph Cantin is a “live” painter who boasts a wide collection of natural subjects, ranging from aquatic and land animals, to peaceful beach and mountain landscapes. He brings new life to these subjects by activating them with movement and vibrant…

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Amaryllis Step 2

Amaryllis Painting Phase Two

Amaryllis Painting Phase Two Today, Joseph started the oil mid-tones in the Amaryllis painting. His speed has slowed down. Now, he is really taking his time. The photo I took seem to be a bit lighter than the Amaryllis’s true color tone of deep red. I have gained a new appreciation for photography threw this…

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Amaryllis Painting Step One

Amaryllis Painting Begins

Amaryllis Painting Begins I started the sketch and the background yesterday. It came out really strategically. This morning Joseph and I were excited to start on the base coat of the amaryllis. This is the part where I set back and get mesmerized by Joseph’s talent. He captured the shadows and mid-tones perfectly. The shadows…

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Amaryllis Painting

Revealing Our New Project

Revealing Our New Project Revealing our new project. So, me and Joseph have a system that we do with each new painting we start. We agree on a idea or a photo that we take and work from. We have this giant blank canvas 36″ 48″ that we want to make into something exotic and…

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Sea Turtle Painting

The Sea Turtle Completion

The Sea Turtle Completion Sea Turtle & Coral Painting on Museum Quality Matte Paper with Black Wood Frame The Sea Turtle Completion, he is finally done! The color of the oil paint is so vibrant and rich in pigment! This painting was so fun to do. It took about a week of focusing on a…

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